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gohelp.y - online portal Berlin, Munich & Stuttgart

Find your easy way to move to Berlin, Munich or Stuttgart with gohelp.y.

Gohelp.y creates your personal XpatVisor which provides you with

  • checklists and todo-lists
  • tips and tricks regarding your relocation steps
  • list of required documents for official registration and job hunt
  • instruments to compare apartments and housing
  • videos and assistance how to complete official forms
  • forms in your language
  • memory function for appointments
  • and much more support

Just register completely free of charge with gohelp.y and create your personal profile by only providing some input data like your country of origin and your status.

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we provide

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The XpatVisor

Your daily companion for your move

It doesn't matter if you are moving from abroad to Germany or within Germany: XpatVisor is your daily companion. The XpatVisor is available for you at any time and without charge, it is also available on smart phones and  internet Cafès as well, without downloading a software or installing an App.

So, do the first step before you do the second

organize your relocation process professionally and proceed step by step

German bureaucracy requires you to fulfil your obligations concerning your move in the right order. For example, you will not be able to open a German bank-account without being registered at the authorities. Without having an bank- account you will not get power supply. The XpatVisor shows you the right oder of relocation steps.

Never miss an appointment anymore

XpatVisor will guide you through

You will have tons of appointments while settleing: House-viewings, registration, opening bank account etc.  XpatVisor will remind you so you won't miss anyone of them. You just add an appointment and XpatVisor will remind you in time via email. XpatVsior shows you a list of needed documents for your next appointment. XpatVisor also reminds you if documents are missing.



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