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Who we are

We support people moving to Berlin since 10 years. We assist our clients during the whole process of relocation: from their first visit in Berlin until searching the best leisure activities and feeling home in their new home.
We make the huge step of moving from a foreign country to Berlin a small one. Our experience and knowledge about Berlin enables us to support our clients in the most optimal way.

What we want

Everyone´s budget is differently big for finding a new home in Berlin. We want to provide everyone with the same information and tips for arriving in Berlin, without reference to their budgets.
We want that you receive precise and guiding information and tips. Just as it would be, if we would organise your relocation.
We do not want that you are overwhelmed by tons of information and ‘to do´s’ in the beginning of your time in Berlin.
We want to make the big step of finding a new home in Berlin a small one.