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By feet, bike, car or with the “Öffentlichen”

Düsseldorf has an extensive network of public transport. With a public transport ticket (Düsseldorfcard) you may use the different kinds of vehicles. You can combine Bus and Tram to explore Düsseldorf. If it takes too long for you, of course you could take one of the many cabs in Düsseldorf. Or you rent a bike and enjoy the sunny side of Düsseldorf.
Between the stations you could have a look at the sights of Düsseldorf, like this you get to know the city better. You could take part in one of the car-sharing programs Düsseldorf has on offer, if you want to explore the city and its sights by car. Or maybe you want to take one of Düsseldorf’s ferries to see the city from the water.