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Working in Frankfurt

The city of Frankfurt, as well as, the Frankfurt metropolitan area belongs to the most successful economic regions of Germany.
Competent new employees and highly qualified workforce are searched for consistantly in all areas of the economic, industrial and daily life.
Frankfurt therefore offers a huge amount of jobs. The unique composition of family enterprises, middle and large-scale enterprises as well as the magnifoldness of branches makes this region to one of the most successful European economic locations in worldwide trade. Big and small enterprises, large-scale industry and suppliers work  hand in hand in Frankfurt. Highly qualified employees are as needed as professionals, service providers and craftsmen.
There are very successful international companies in branches such as:

  •  Finacial services,
  •  Engineering,
  •  Pharmacy,
  •  Service,
  •  Trade and logistics
  •  Media.

The economic power and the variety of operating enterprises are asking for all kind of professional forces. The motivation to integrate foreign employees is very high.
It is possible to get your high-school diploma/A-levels, your final degree or your apprenticeship accepted in Germany. Specialist solicitors and IHK Frankfurt are prepared to assist you in this procedure.
In any case you need a translation of important documents such as your certificate of birth, your final degree and high-school diploma/A-levels, amongst others. You need those translations for any enquiry at the authorities. Only a sworn translator can translate and verify your certificates legally. It is possible to translate your certificates and documents in your mother country or in Frankfurt. Gohelp.y is also prepared to assist you in organizing this.
Specialists, migrating from a NON-EU-Member-State, need to be a holder of the Blue Card EU to be allowed to work in Frankfurt.

 Jobs in Frankfurt