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How and where to live in Munich?

Living in Munich

Munich is like an island in Bavaria. While the Bavarians mostly living traditional in the countryside, Munich is very international. There are living 25% foreigners, so Munich is very “multicultural”. To live and work in Munich means a high living standard. It is a very important international business location with many jobs in different sectors.

The housing situation in Munich became more complicated and more competitive and rents increased. Due to the estate agents system in Germany, and to recently changed laws, the owners have to pay broker fees for renting housing space.

Living in Munich

How to work in Munich?

Working in Munich

The city of Munich and the Munich metropolitan area belong to the most successful economic regions of Germany.
There is almost full employment. Competent new employees and highly qualified workforce are searched consistantly in all areas of the economy and daily life.
Munich therefore offers a huge number of jobs. The special kind of cooperation of family enterprises, middle and big enterprises as well as many different branches make this region to one of the most successful European economic locations in worldwide trade. Big and small enterprises, large-scale industry and suppliers work in Munich hand in hand together.

Working in Munich

How to move in Munich?

By feet, bike, car or with the “Öffentlichen”

Munich has an extensive network of public transport. With a public transport ticket you could use the different kinds of vehicles. You could combine S-Bahn and U-Bahn or take the bus to the next Tram-station or you use all 4 to explore Munich. If it takes too long for you, of course you could take one of many cabs in Munich. Or you rent a bike and enjoy the sunny side of Munich.

Discovering Munich

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