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How and where to live in Stuttgart?

Living in Stuttgart

The housing situation in Stuttgart became more complicated and more competitive and rents increased. Du to the estate agents system in Germany, and to recently changed laws, the owners have to pay broker fees for renting housing space.
Internet based house hunting implies multiple opportunities: there are large-scale nation-wide portals as well as more specified and regional portals.
We facilitate your search for housing and support you in finding a residential property, which meets your requirements and desires. Furthermore, you can compare and organize the residential properties you are interested in here. As residential property is contested, we provide you with tricks on how to increase your chances of getting the residential property you want.

Living in Stuttgart

How and where to work in Stuttgart?

Working in Stuttgart

The region of Stuttgart and also some other regions of Baden–Württemberg belong to the most successful economic locations of Germany. Baden-Württemberg has almost full employment and the lack of qualified workforce nowadays tends to hinder further development and growth.  Politics and companies support strongly the acquisition of international professionals and skilled persons to move to Baden-Württemberg and to live and work here. Companies are eager in attracting skilled staff and employees with good qualification, as well as workers and craftsmen. The region of Stuttgart offers a lot of jobs in interdisciplinary industries.

Working in Stuttgart

How to move in Stuttgart?

On foot, by bycicle, by car or with the public transport "VVS" and "SSG"

Stuttgart has a very well developed network of public transport.
S-Bahnen, Trains and busses oft he „VVS" Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund Stuttgart and „SSB" Stuttgarter Straßenbahn AG) provide very fast connections from the early morning till the late evening. With a public transport ticket you could use the different kinds of vehicles.

Discovering Stuttgart