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On foot, by bycicle, by car or with the public transport "VVS" and "SSG"

Stuttgart has a very well developed network of public transport.
S-Bahnen, Trains and busses oft he „VVS" Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund Stuttgart and „SSB" Stuttgarter Straßenbahn AG) provide very fast connections from the early morning till the late evening. With a public transport ticket you could use the different kinds of vehicles. You could combine S-Bahn and U-Bahn or take the bus to the next Tram-station or you use all 4 to explore Stuttgart. If it takes too long for you, of course you could take one of many cabs in Stuttgart. Or you rent a bike and enjoy the sunny side of Stuttgart.
The German railway, Deutsche Bahn, connects the Stuttgart central station with the administrative districts of the Stuttgart region and, in addition, the railway connects Stuttgart with the cities of Germany and Europe.
People want to go by ship on "exploratory expedition", are right with the Neckar person's navigation.
Mobility support in Stuttgart:
With the mobility support customers receive exact information about the timetables of the public transport. Also you get informed about traffic groups, as well as about travel possibilities with the German railways and bus connections in the local and long-distance traffic.
You have two possibilities. You can do it yourself personally at Information desk "iPunkt" in Königstrasse 1, in the center of Stuttgart. Or you can ask for the most favorable connection via mail .