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gohelp.y - Relocation with guidance

The move from one city to another implies a lot of effort. The effort is even more if you move to another country across borders.
Obstacles for such a move are often made up by missing information, administrative matters and cultural differences. Often the language is a problem as well impeding a ‘relocation of easiness and fun’.

gohelp.y – the easy way of Online-Relocation

gohelp.y started exactly where most of the problems arose: administration, language, information. Our experts in relocation brought their knowledge of years from practice in relocation together. They gathered information, tips and helpful hints in different languages and compiled everything you need for the different steps to a successful move to Berlin in one time bar which guides you through the muddle.

The result is a online-portal facilitating your move to Berlin. You find here

  • multilingual information to Berlin´s administration (including templates and forms for registration and living in Berlin)
  • an individually developed relocation time bar attuned to your mother country, your occupational career and other individual matters.

Gohelp.y provides you not only with information regarding house hunting, house viewings and contracts but offers tools and devices for organizing your relocation as well.
Sign up for free just now. Take a look and use the tools in order to manage your flat advertisement, to evaluate the different flats and to organize your appointments. Make notes accessible wherever you are, whether in Athens, Madrid or Berlin. Make use of the automatic reminder service for appointments. The document-organiser tells you which documents you need for which step of your relocation.


gohelp.y offers:

  • entering and managing of housing offers
  • evaluation tools and presentation for housing offers
  • managing of documents and notification about what is still missing
  • appointment management for your relocation, viewings, registration at the municipality office etc. and automatic email reminders
  • possibility to create/save notes
  • information about local peculiarities, way of life and necessities of Berlin
  • and much more


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