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Register car

Every vehicle (vehicle with auxiliary drive, meaning autocycle, motorbike, car and larger vehicles) needs to be registered at the owner´s main residence in Germany. If you move to Berlin and register your main residence in Berlin, your car needs to be registered in Berlin as well.
For registering you need the electronic insurance certificate “elVN” as proof of insurance in case of liability damages. Usually, it is uncomplicated to get the “elVN” at an insurance company of your choice. Every car needs to go through the technical inspection (HU) and through the exhaust inspection (ASU) periodically. These are done by either the TÜV or the DEKRA. TÜV and DEKRA issue the certificates, which you need for the registration. For registering a car with foreign license plate one of the technical inspection centres mentioned above needs to undertake the technical inspection as well as an inspection of the vehicle´s documents. You´ll get the needed certificate if everything is OK.
If taxes need to be paid on your car (which is the case most of the time) you need to have a bank account from which the taxes could be deducted via SEPA direct debit. You need to bring such a signed direct debit mandate with you when registering your car.
Two vehicle registration authorities are located in Berlin. We recommend you to reserve an appointment beforehand via the online-service portal. However, be on time as the buildings are big and complex, you´ll need some time to find your way to the right desk. If you miss your appointment you´ll need to start over again.
A checklist of the needed documents and forms is provided here.

The registration authorities in Berlin is:
Landesamt für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten
Kfz-Zulassungsbehörde - Berlin Lichtenberg

Ferdinand-Schultze-Str. 55
13055 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 90269-3300

Landesamt für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten

Jüterboger Str. 3
10965 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 90269-3300

Arrange an appointment by phone:
Phone: 90269-3300
(Moday - Friday 7:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m)

Particulate matter sticker

The city-centre of Berlin is a “green zone”, this means that only cars with specific fine dust filters are allowed to be driven in this zone. Information about the qualification for the sticker could be derived from the car documents and could be proven by nearly every garage and by TÜV. If your car is qualified you´ll just receive the sticker there. The costs for it are € 5.00. You could order the sticker via internet as well. You have to send a scan of your vehicle registration certificate to TÜV, afterwards you´ll receive the sticker by post, if your car is qualified. However, this costs €15. The sticker has to be placed on the front shield.

It is possible to apply for the "Feinstaubplakette" online.

Resident parking permit

parking space is rather rare in most central locations in Berlin rare. In these areas parking space management exists. This implies that a fee has to be charged for parking. Residents in these areas having a car could apply for a resident parking permit. A resident parking permit costs € 20,40 and is valid for 2 years. You could apply for it in the municipal office of the borrough you live in. You could request it in writing as well, this means that you send the document by post. You´ll receive a sticker, this needs to be placed on the front shield. It allows you to park in the respective district without purchasing a parking ticket.