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Registration municipal office

You are legally required to register your place of resident in Munich within seven days. You can do this in the “Kreisverwaltungsreferat” or every citizen office of every district of Munich.You can go there directly without having an appointment for registering. However, this implies long waiting times often.  To avoid that it is advisable to be there early in the morning.
You have to take the completed form in German (here is an english version of the form for better understanding; it will not be accepted) and your identity card with you.

Very important a completed form "Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung" filled in by your landlord. If you want to register you and your family you have to take your marriage certificate and the birth certificates of your children with you. If you want to register someone moving in the flat together with you, you need a letter of attorney and the identity card of him. When registering at the municipal office, you have to register for your personal identification number and the electronic income tax card ELStAM, as well. This number is usually delivered by mail. This will take 5 days to 4 weeks.

Landeshauptstadt München
Kreisverwaltungsreferat (KVR)
Hauptabteilung II Einwohnerwesen
Bürgerbüro Meldewesen, Kfz-, Gewerbe- und Fundangelegenheiten
Ruppertstraße 19
80337 München
Tel.: 089 233-96000
E-Mail: buergerbuero.kvr@muenchen.de

citizen officeses (Bürgerbüros):
Bürgerbüro Forstenrieder Allee
Forstenrieder Allee 61a
81476 München
Tel.: 089 233-96000
E-Mail: buergerbuero-forstenrieder.kvr@muenchen.de

Bürgerbüro Leonrodstraße
Leonrodstraße 21
80634 München
Tel.: 089 233-96000
E-Mail: buergerbuero-leonrodstr.kvr@muenchen.de

Bürgerbüro Orleansplatz
Orleansstraße 50
81667 München
Tel.: 089 233-96000
E-Mail: buergerbuero-orleansplatz.kvr@muenchen.de

Bürgerbüro Riesenfeldstraße
Riesenfeldstraße 75
80809 München
Tel.: 089 233-96000
E-Mail: buergerbuero-riesenfeldstr.kvr@muenchen.de

Bürgerbüro Pasing
Landsberger Straße 486
81241 München
Tel.: 089 233-96000
E-Mail: buergerbuero-pasing.kvr@muenchen.de

opening hours:
monday 7.30 – 12 Uhr
tuesday8.30 – 12 Uhr und 14 – 18 Uhr
wednesday 7.30 – 12 Uhr
thursday 8.30 – 15 Uhr
friday 7.30 – 12 Uhr