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Living in Munich

Munich is like an island in Bavaria. While the Bavarians mostly living traditional in the countryside, Munich is very international. There are living 25% foreigners, so Munich is very “multicultural”. To live and work in Munich means a high living standard. It is a very important international business location with many jobs in different sectors.

The housing situation in Munich became more complicated and more competitive and rents increased. Due to the estate agents system in Germany, and to recently changed laws, the owners have to pay broker fees for renting housing space.

Internet based house hunting implies multiple opportunities: there are large-scale nation-wide portals as well as more specified and regional portals.

We facilitate your search for housing and support you in finding a residential property, which meets your requirements and desires. Furthermore, you can compare and organize the residential properties you are interested in here. As residential property is contested, we provide you with tricks on how to increase your chances of getting the residential property you want.

Start your way to Munich now and develop your own relocation-path. The relocation-path is compiled according to your personal circumstances and preferences. It shows and explains every step you need to take on your way of moving to Munich.

Have closer look on Munich’s boroughs here.