• are you ready for the challange of moving to Germany

  • global mobility information for expats

  • immigration and relocation guidance step-by-step

  • extra relocation and immigration support on demand


You are planning to move to Germany but you are not sure what you need to do exactly? Try now the Xpatvisor in order to see what you need to by when and how to ensure a smooth immigration.

You just need to indicate your country of origin and the status under which you want to live in Germany. The XpatVisor creates a timeline indicating every step you need to take. Data will not be saved.

If you want to start your way to Germany right away register now! Once you have registered with gohelpy you can use the timeline to its full extent: access your tailormade relocation path whenever you want, tackle todo-lists and use the note- and appointment functions.

Have fun!

Cómo cualquier receta de comida. Es decir, los ingredientes, su orden, la cantidad...de esta manera Gohelpy te dará todas las informaciones necesarias para cada paso. Todas las informaciones sobre tu mudanza estaran disponibles a tu servicio, cronológicamente o temáticamente. Y no solo eso: tambien te darémos informaciones especiales y consejos que te ayudaran con cada paso.
Ah, y logicamente podras consultarnos personalmente si hay algúna duda o pregunta. Y si necesitas a alguien que te acompañe, tambien lo haremos. Nuestros scouts te ayudarán donde pueden.